You Are Invited to Attend... 
a Very Unique Joint Venture Experience Live Event!
Live In-Person
October 21-23, 2022   
Irvine Marriott, Irvine, California!
The JV Experience (JVX) is a live in-person event where hundreds of coaches, authors, speakers, experts, come together to find joint venture partners. Our in-person event normally happens once a year. All of our JV Insider Circle members are invited plus we invite some of our own JV partners and VIP guests. It's an awesome opportunity for everyone to connect and create relationships with JV partners for many years to come.
Join Together with the Top Players in the Coaching, Speaking, and Information Marketing World and 100's of Eager Joint Venture Partners... Here's what past JVX attendees have to say: 

Erik K Johnson
Podcast Talent Coach

"The connections I made at the event were priceless. I connected with 40 potential partners in my niche alone. It was an amazing and very productive weekend."

Mark Porteous
Founder of the Soul Affiliate Alliance

"Rich and Iman did an amazing job translating JVX Live, which is known in the personal development and affiliate marketing industry as a must attend LIVE event, into a highly engaging and transformational virtual training and networking event. This virtual event has set a high bar for a new way of doing business in the event industry."

Karen Anderson
Animal Communicator & Coach

"The virtual event was a gigantic mind-blowing explosion of actionable tools, tactics, and experts for business networking. A must for any entrepreneur who wants to enhance and grow their business on a grand scale."
Hundreds of people from around the world attended our last JVX Live. Get your ticket now! Starting at Only $197!

What to expect

  • Networking Circles: Connect with industry leaders, experts & influencers from around the world
  • Hot Or Not: Test your products or programs by getting IMMEDIATE feedback from 100's of coaches & experts!
  • Niche Circles: Get feedback & hone your pitches & messages in front of small groups & live coaches 
  • Knowledge Sessions: Learn valuable knowledge and actionable tools from guest speakers
  • ​JV Shark Attack: A chance to have your products & programs promoted by key industry leaders
  • ​Special Exercises: Uniquely designed partners connecting & business building exercises 
  • ​Special Activities: One-of-a-kind activities created to give your business a mega boost
  • And Much More: More sessions & activities are being developed even as you read

Brian Ludwig
Mortgage Specialist at TMG 

"This was an excellent event. Rich and Iman did a superb job delivering this summit in a 100% online format. Being new to the world of JV's, I learned so much, and more importantly, I met so many interesting people and future contacts, I know this will accelerate my own efforts to get my online business up and going. I am looking forward to working with them over the next year in their Premier program with the goal of moving up to their Elite program."

Julia Lewis
Love Your Life Consulting

"Absolutely LOVED it! I wasn't sure what to expect, and it OVER delivered for me! The networking circles were amazing! I met awesome people and made so many valuable connections. The event was fun and provided me just what I need to catapult my business to the next level. I am so grateful to have been a part of it!!! Thanks to the team for all your hard work putting it on, & fellow attendees for showing up and playing full out!!!!"

Sharon Nix
Events Made Easy

"Virtual Events Rocks! I was able to meet so many more people through the niche circles/networking circles online vs. the live event. The virtual event was awesome because just about everyone could join in and it doesn't break the bank. Rich, Iman, Sarah, the speakers, behind the scenes people and the tech team did an awesome job!"
Only a limited number of tickets available

More than expected

Get the hands-on training and support you need to:

  • Make sure your next training product is sizzling hot, and has all the factors to make it a winner
  • Be able to clearly communicate the benefits of your product or program and WHY JV Partners would want to promote you
  • Line up REAL joint venture partners right at the event who are eager to promote your product (even if you've struggled to get JV deals set-up in the past)

Introducing The First No-Excuses, Kick-Butt
LIVE JV Experience That Will Get You Off The Sidelines
And Into The Game Making Serious Money
From Your Product or Program

JVX Live is more than just another live networking event, rather, it's a connecting event. 
Not only will you have plenty of connecting time, we will guide you through fun exercises and activities to make sure your products or programs are sizzling hot with clearly communicated benefits and all the factors to make them winners. 

We're leaving nothing to chance when it comes to helping you walk away with the best joint venture partners. You'll come away with a full list of powerful alliances and industry influencers ready to promote your products or programs, even if you've struggled with this in the past.

Here Are Just Some of the Activities You'll Participate in
During This 3-Day Live Event:


Test Your Product Idea

Get invaluable IMMEDIATE feedback from
hundreds of other coaches and experts on the spot!

Niche Circles

 JV Networking Time!

Like speed dating for JVs! Test and sharpen
your pitch with other members of your niche.

The JV Shark Attack

One of our most anticipated and talked about segments at the JVX Summit has been the JV Shark Attack and you will have the opportunity to also experience it at COLLABORATE. In this fun and exciting portion of the event, a handful of attendees will get a chance to present their products to our panel of experts with big followings. The winners will get to joint venture with one or more of our "sharks", a game-changer for the right person!

Ann Metcalfe
Harmony Compassion and Love - HCL Soil Alchemy

"Over the 3 day virtual event I began to realize how valuable JV partnerships are, especially in these challenging times, for building even a small business like mine into something bigger. The guest speakers were fantastic & pushed my understanding of a) the technology out there, and b) my perceptions of who I might also serve in other than my own field. The Shark Attack opened my eyes to what level I need to get to, and being small is not going to work anymore. I am so grateful to my coach for guiding me so I could get past my fears to say Yes to the JVIC Premier program, my new adventure with Iman, Rich, and their amazing, heart-centered team." 

Dr. Cheryl Kasdorf
Naturopathic Physician

"This is a wish come true! As an introvert, I can put off reaching out to people. The format made it easy and exciting, and I now have met tons of people I want to know better and possibly collaborate with. After our introductions in the circles, I feel I can reach out because I know who resonates. I have been trained a little in marketing, and I increased my experience in seeing what works and what doesn't through the various offerings like hot or not and Shark Attack. Overall, it was time well spent for furthering the JV avenue of building my business. Oh, and the offer was the answer to my wishes."

Christine Marie White
Finding Love Mentor

"I absolutely loved the event!!! I learned valuable information from my coach, made invaluable connections in the breakout circles, gained a wealth of information from the speakers and Sharks! Now, I have a far better plan for moving my business forward! This event has changed my life forever for the better!!! Thank You so very much!"

Successful entrepreneurs don't play alone; they collaborate with others. 
Join us and get the support you need to take your business to the next level!

Space is limited - Get your ticket now to avoid disappointment!
Tickets start at only $197

Your hosts

Rich German

Rich German is a best-selling author, a speaker and a business and lifestyle coach. Since 1999, he has conducted over 18,000 individual coaching sessions.
He is the creator and CEO of the JV Insider Circle, a powerful community that supports coaches and experts in building their business via joint venture partnerships.
Also, Rich is the creator of BLUE LAGUNA, a photo book of dolphin and whale images all taken from his stand up paddleboard.
He is also the founder of PROJECT O, a non-profit whose goal is to protect the ocean and the sacred life living in it. 
Rich lives in Laguna Beach, California. When not working he can be found on the ocean paddle boarding with dolphins and whales.

Iman Aghay

Iman Aghay is part owner of the JV Insider Circle, the world’s leading community for entrepreneurs to find partnerships and deals, by utilizing community and connection. 
Iman is a serial entrepreneur, international speaker and 6-time #1 best-selling author. In 2010, Iman founded Success Road Academy, which has become an industry leader in online marketing and training. Through Success Road Academy, Iman has created over 50 courses that help coaches, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs grow their business aligned with their life purpose. As the founder of Entrepreneurs International Network, which has a community of over 150, 000 members and business owners in 5 countries, he has helped them expand their business and impact. 
Iman’s TEDx talk is one of the world’s top-rated speeches, which focuses on how to live a life with no regrets. He believes that all entrepreneurs can build a business based on their life’s purpose. His vision of having a massive positive impact on 100 million people has fueled his love and passion for guiding entrepreneurs to success.
As the Leaders’ Mentor, Iman’s focus was and always is serving his clients and community with the utmost excellence and integrity.

Make the Most of Your Experience with a VIP Ticket!

Experience JVX as the VIP you are! Relax and enjoy extra time with our top partners and other VIPs. Be seen as someone who is fully committed to your business and its success. Enjoy delicious lunches and continue creating lucrative JV connections.

The VIP Upgrade Includes:

Three VIP Networking Lunches – Join us for delicious healthy meals at the event. Connect with other VIP members and some of our top JV partners who'll be attending the event! This is a great opportunity to build closer connections and mastermind with entrepreneurs who are serious about building a highly successful business! Don't miss a chance to hang out with our speakers and other VIP guests, while enjoying delicious food. Some of the strongest business relationships start over a good meal!
​VIP Cocktail Party – as a VIP you will be invited to the VIP Cocktail Party to network with the other VIP members
Priority Seating – as a VIP you will be invited to enter the room each day before everyone else, allowing you to choose your favorite seat. Plus, we'll have a special upfront seating for VIPs – especially exciting during our JV shark tank!
Priority Registration Line – with hundreds of people coming to the event, save yourself a wait in line and register early and faster at the VIP table.
Event Recordings – as a VIP you will be receive the event recordings of the non networking parts of the event.
Priority JV Pitches – at the event everyone is invited to stand up and give their one-minute JV pitch. Usually, dozens of people line up by a microphone to do that! As a VIP you'll have an opportunity to move up the line faster and we will make sure you WILL have your turn! Even if we run out of time :)

JVX Ticket


Only $197.00

  • 3 Day in person Live Event
  • Hot Or Not
  • ​Niche Circles 
  • ​Knowledge Sessions
  • ​JV Shark Attack
  • ​Exclusive Activities 

JVX VIP Ticket


Only $397.00

  • 3 Day in person Live Event
  • ​Hot Or Not
  • ​Niche Circles 
  • ​Knowledge Sessions
  • ​JV Shark Attack
  • Exclusive Activities 
  • ​Luncheon Meals - 3 days
  • ​Luncheon Speakers
  • ​VIP Cocktail Party
  • ​Event Recordings
  • ​Priority Registration Line
  • ​Priority Seating
  • ​Priority JV Pitches

JV Insider Circle (JVIC) is the world’s leading community to connect and collaborate with industry leaders and create JV partnerships. We have been serving heart centered coaches, authors, and speakers since 2013, and our members have made millions of dollars from the partnerships and lifelong friendships they’ve found in our community. JVIC connects you with the top movers and shakers in your industry who run podcasts, radio shows, tele-summits and live events and have large lists in your target market. Speaking on their shows will give you exposure to tons of people while positioning you as the go-to expert in your field.

JVIC is also the organizer of the Annual JV Experience (JVX) Summit, the world's #1 JV summit. 
Only a limited number of tickets available
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